We develop the software in your system.
We offer cutting-edge training in software languge, software environment and software methodology.


MindRoad Academy

MindRoad Academy offers cutting-edge education within data communication, telecom, embedded systems for real-time development, application development and agile methods.
Some examples of our trainings are:

  • Continuous Integration and Testing with Jenkins.
  • IP-programming
    Introducing Agile Workflow.
  • Diameter in 3GPP Networks.
  • Real-Time Programming in Linux.
  • Advanced C++ Programming.
  • FPGA Development

MindRoad Embedded

MindRoad Embedded develops embedded systems with real-time properties. Usually some sort of signal processing or automatic control is involved. Algorithm development is another important part. The development is often done in:

  • C
  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • FPGA
  • Linux,or other RTOS

MindRoad Application

MindRoad Application develops interactive systems. The development is often done in Java, C# or C++.

MindRoad Sourcing

MindRoad sourcing offers support in Asia in general and China in particular for:

  • Manufacturing
  • PCB and PCBA
  • Import and export
  • Outsourcing

Job and thesis work

We are looking for skilled engineers working with qualified software development in embedded systems, application development and/or as a trainer. 
We offer thesis work on a continuous basis.

Contact us by info@mindroad.se, or +46 70-6595812.