The Company

MindRoad focus on cutting edge competence combined with working with the most competent, engaged and businessminded employees. The customer, the employees, competence, well-being, growth and structure capital are our core values.

We work with software development in embedded and complex systems, with application development, in close cooperation with our partners in Asia. We offer a complete range of services to our customers including education, expert consulting, system development and support with production in Asia or purchases. We can also help with outsourcing of tasks where 30 % of the work is done in Sweden and 70 % in Asia together wiht our competent partners. In that way we can keep the development costs low but still deliver with best quality.

Our employees have academic backgrounds with at least a M.Sc. in Engineering or equivalent. We cooperate with a number of partners, where the common denominator is the high level of competence, engagement and business mindset. We also cooperate with senior consultants with expert competence within their fields, and with the university world to find the best future employees.

Allways the Right Competence and Experience

Our aim in every mission is to offer the right competence and the right experience. We staff our jobs with employees, candidates, partners, alumni, emeritus and/or students to make sure that we always have the right competence and experience for every task. In that manner we deliver the right quality to the right price. We can also be fully flexible and quickly scale up or down the staffing depending on need, situation and demand.

Business Idea

We develop software systems and competence for companies which are market leaders in their business field aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.

Core Values

We always strive to:
  • Offer and deliver excellent services.
  • Offer challenging work tasks with high personal responsibility. The target is a company where everyone enjoy working and constantly develops their skills.
  • Recruit the most competent co-workers.
  • Respect each other for what we are and our personal beliefs.


MindRoads business rely on the foundations customer-orientation, engaged leadership, everyone's participation, competence development, long term vision, social responsibility, process orientation, preventive actions, continuous improvement, learning from others, fast reactions, fact-based decisions and cooperation.